Hans-Peter Salentin
Cologne World Jazz Ensemble
Kazhargan World
Johannes Löhndorf
Stephan Schmolck
Mayumi Motohashi
Hans-Jörg Scheffler
Julia Sawicka Project
Ivan Polyanskiy
Natalie Kies

Hans Jörg Scheffler and Trumpeter/ Composer Hans Peter Salentin - light of speed

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This is a melting pot of contemporary beats and sophisticated melodies with a modern jazz attitude played by 16 musicians from all over the world. The uptempo feel of the album makes it the perfect backdrop for your modern lifestyle!

1. Best of Both Worlds (feat. Makinto) 3:04
2. This Time (feat. Tweeky & Tommy Snyder) 5:59
3. 20.000 Miles (feat. Matthias Knorr & Ufo Walter) 4:48
4. The Age of Aquarius 5:09
5. Sympathetic Kinetics (feat. Ufo Walter) 3:51
6. Amnesia Express (feat. Ernie Galla & Daniel Basso) 5:36
7. Lost Horizon (feat. Benni Freibott) 5:13
8. Counter Measures 4:53
9. East Bay Blues (feat. Tatsuya Nishiwaki & Pascal Mulot) 5:01
10. Some Funk Cisco (feat. Torsten Kamps & Gundy Keller) 3:53
11. Capoeira (feat. John Maul) 4:48
12. Pedal 2 the Metal (feat. David Ahlund) 5:49
13. New York Minutes (feat. Scott Tibbs) 4:25
14. Flight of the Galileo 5:14

Recorded in 2013/ 14
all Songs composed by Salentin/Scheffler GEMA
Mixed in 2014 by HjScheffler
Mastered by Manni Struck
Released 2014
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